10 Exceptional Web Designs on the Net

I have brought the Exceptional Web Designs on the Net for you which you would definitely want to own. These are the greatest and most beautiful Web Designs on the net. I am sure that you are amazed by just taking a look at the images of the site. But don’t just see the images instead go & visit these Magical Websites. I have not mentioned the creator of these sites yet but I can tell you that all the sites are designed by one creator. I will tell the name of the Creator in the comments but let’s see who comes first with the name.

8th Day








Hentsix Design Studio


Jo Blankenburg




Saizen Media Studio


School of Phenominal Memory


The Ghost of Venice 


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7 responses to “10 Exceptional Web Designs on the Net

  1. creativityden


  2. I love the designs, especially Fubon. It is incredible, and the speed of loading never stops amazing me – it’s so good for a Flash website.

  3. The second and fourth background designs are awesome. Those are the kind of graphic design skills I wish I had.

    ~ Kristi

  4. Nikhil

    Okay the Creator of these sites is
    “Saizen Media Studio”. Its the company who has also designed the websites for Final Fantasy, Time Shift Game. You can take a look at its website which is at no. 8 in this post.

    You can have a look at the tutorial for these type of graphics at

    Enjoy the Creativity….

  5. cioassistant

    Awsome designs. I like the first (8th day) and fifth (Jo Blankenburg).

  6. Hello, nice post. I just found this blog, but I will definitely bookmark it. Have a great day.

  7. wooooooow very creative designs actually i like them to the bone

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