5 Steps to Start Blogging


So you want to start your blog! But you know what blog is? For what purpose it is used?

Okay no more questions. . . .

Blog is the platform for sharing our thoughts with the whole world and. . . . that’s it. You can use blog for any purpose just like writing about your experience, research, ideas, thoughts, creativity and anything you would like to share. To know more about blog, comments, trackbacks & other terminologies used in it, you can visit here and here.

  So the five steps are here:

1)      Choose Blog Host

Yes, for starting your blog you have to choose a host and a domain name. There are several hosts which host the blog for free. Just you have to register yourself, choose a domain name and you are ready. You can have you blog at following service providerswordpress

a)      WordPress

b)      Blogger

c)       Livejournal

d)      Blogsome

e)      Blog

 If I am asked, I will suggest the first one i.e. WordPress because of its ease of use, awesome themes and great plug-ins.


2)      Choose Right Makeover

Now you are ready with the blog, so it’s time to change its look. Theme is the overall look of the blog; it matters because the readability & the attractiveness of the blog depends on the theme. So what are you thinking, just go & get it!


3)      Choose Correct typeface

Image from Flickr

Image from Flickr

Typeface is how the text in the blog is looking or arranged. Look, the text or the matter should be neatly arranged and the font also should be neat & readable, which helps to make the readers stay on page.


4)      Be Ready with Couple of Posts

Now everything is ready so it’s time to start blogging but hey! Don’t jump with single post. Keep some posts handy because as you are starting your blog you should post at least 3 to 4 article at a time. So the visitors will not feel your blog deserted.


5)      Update Regularly


Image from Flickr

Image from Flickr

Update your blog regularly for the couple of months in the starting that means post 4 to 5 articles per week. It will help you make your blog rich of contents & make visitors come again & again over your blog. This is helpful for you to Kick start your blogging.

If you have more blogging tips then share here…

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